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Yoga Teacher Training, Ashtanga Yoga Classes, and Gentle Yoga Classes in Bellingham Washington

Ashtanga Yoga in Bellingham Washington. Teaching Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Teacher Training, and Power Yoga in Bellingham Washington.  Ashtanga Bellingham is a registered yoga school in downtown Bellingham. Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga School. 

Yoga is the liberation of pure consciousness from disturbances of thought. Without these disturbances the self abides in its own true nature.
— Yoga Sutra 1:2-3
Practice has a firm ground when tended to for a long time without interruption and with devotion to accuracy
— Yoga Sutra 1:14

While Ashtanga is the original format of Ashtanga Bellingham, the options for contemporary adaptation are as vast as there are problems to be solved with humanity. So as yoga evolves and more people choose to be influenced by it, and still even more people decide to become teachers of their form of yoga, the curriculum exists in an effort to ground all who study to the foundational practices of the ancient art, in the lineage of the contemporary masters who have only just recently left this earth. Ashtanga Bellingham is operated and directed by a lineage holder of Ashtanga Yoga which has roots in Mysore, India, through the teachings of David and Satya Garrigues, who were the former directors of the Ashtanga Yoga School of Seattle, and were both students of the late guruji Sri K Pattabhi Jois, contemporary of BKS Iyengar, who was also a student of the master who brought yoga to the world in the 20th century, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, who was himself a student of Sri Mohan Bramachari, the master who gave the blessing for yoga to be taught not only to the elite, but to be spread to the world through a system stemming from the Yoga "Korunta", meaning "groupings". These groupings, as it were, were the pinnacle sequences transcribed by Krishnamacharya, and were the remains of a system of yoga taught by a great master known as The Sage Vemana.

By practicing the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, upon the diminishing of impurities, there is a light of knowing which leads to the end of the cause of suffering
— Yoga Sutra 2:28

From the groupings of the famed Yoga Korunta came nearly all yoga that is practiced today, and with each generation that practices yoga, more and more is known, while some becomes lost in translation, about a humanistic art form which has existed for eons, and has been handed down from teacher to student in the Eastern learning tradition of "parampara", the transmission of knowledge and practice from teacher to student, in an unbroken line, from the beginning of the first practitioner of yoga, beyond recorded time, and back to the origins of humanity, where dissatisfied customers of life sought, just like many do today, for something greater than what "exists" in the phenomenal world. Our heritage as yoga practitioners is not a dogmatic one, but one of service to humanity, one of rebellion against suffering and pain, and one of enlightenment, prosperity, prowess, realization, and power. Bellingham Yoga School is a contemporary research based school in the lineage of our contemporary masters, teaching ancient practices to new people who will study it tirelessly and pass it on again.

For those who practice with intensity, the end is close at hand
— Yoga Sutra 1:17

Mysore Etiquette & Practice Guidelines

  1. Practice only Ashtanga Yoga
  2. Observe silence
  3. Have good personal hygiene
  4. Clean up after yourself
  5. Pay tuition on time
  6. Do not chant alone in a group setting
  7. Arrive and leave quietly, at any time
  8. No drop-ins
  9. Do not adjust other students
  10. Do as instructed
  11. Mind your own practice
  12. Observe Saturdays as no practice days
  13. Observe full moon and new moon days as no practice days